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Hi, fellow tired moms. I see you, I hear you, I am you 

I lost my job in April of 2020. Within seconds, I went from being a full-time working mom of two to a full-time SAHM with no real sense of 'myself' anymore. To be honest, I struggled with it off and on for years, but being home together 24/7 only exaggerated the issue.

At this point, self-care was virtually non-existent, and breaks were nearly impossible. I forgot to eat, I couldn't manage to drink a warm cup of coffee, and frankly, I felt like I sucked at the whole mom game. I needed activities I could set up for my kids with VERY minimal effort on my part. I was exhausted and was tapped out. Something had to change.

Homemade playdough to the rescue!

It became a staple in our houseshold. I could kill some time making it with the kids (and make a math lesson out of it!), and burn even more time letting them play. Yes, it was messy. Yes, colors got mixed up (literally my least favorite thing. ever.) But you know what? It was WORTH IT. 110%. 

I've had this idea for a while, but honestly didn't have the energy to pull it all together. Until I realized how MANY other moms and families around me were/still are struggling. Don't get me wrong - we're still on the struggle bus quite often. Playdough isn't some miracle answer (gosh, I wish it were), but it does help. Need to wash the dishes? Need to check email for a few minutes? Want to drink my coffee in peace? I pull out the dough. It's amazing how each time my kids play with it, they create something completely different.

I knew I had to share this.

So here I am. Becoming the "playdough mom" (as one friend recently called me). I'll take it. Because if one of my kits can make a difference in your family's day, then I've succeeded.
So, sit back, drink that hot (okay, maybe warm) cup of coffee, and take a moment to yourself. You might just start to see that "playdough magic" unfold.
And when you do, hit me up girl! I can't wait to hear all about it.